St. Maarten Condos

Condos in St. Maarten present a variety of options, which range from simple to luxurious and classy condo setups. The market for St. Maarten condos is very competitive, with owners and real estate agents feverishly trying to secure sales, leases, timesharing and rentals for St. Maarten condos throughout the year.

As with most parts of the island, St. Maarten condos have varying rates, which are affected seasonally. This makes rates lowest during the low season which generally runs from May to about the second week in December, high season which runs from the second week in December to about April, and the Christmas season which would be the Christmas holidays to about New Years/ the first week in January. According the size of a St. Maarten condo and the amenities available, rates for a condo in St. Maarten may be as low as $150 nightly for a single bedroom and bath beach condo. Such a condo may go up to about $275 -$300 during the winter and about $240-250 during peak season. More upscale St. Maarten condos may generally start at $1100 weekly during the low season and rise to about $2000 to $2800 during the peak and winter season. Alternatively, double bedroom condos may range from $2100 to $3676 during high to peak seasons. These rates for St. Maarten condos are the ‘normal’ rates, given that very classy and sophisticated environments and services would worth much more.

Condos may all be at ground level or within buildings with several stories. These may be private, individual buildings, beach front properties or located in gated communities where onsite communal yachting, gym, pool and sporting facilities are available for these St. Maarten condos.

Payment terms are similar to those on St. Martin, in that generally, at least 25% of the accommodation total is required to be paid beforehand. In some instances the balance for a St. Maarten condo must be paid before arriving on the island, and a deposit ranging between $250 to $300 or more is required for loss and security. Deposits for St. Maarten condos are refundable provided that the St. Maarten condo did not suffer any loss or damage.

Some of the coastal areas where St. Maarten condos tend to be concentrated include Cupecoy, Mullet, Maho, Burgeaux, Simpson Bay (Simpson Bay Lagoon, Palm Beach) and Pelican Key. These areas are developed tourist destinations in St. Maarten and condos are readily available. Most St. Maarten condo owners have websites where adequate information on amenities and rates are available, along with photos of different views, rooms and amenities of the condos.

St. Maarten condos are available on sale, for rent, lease and timesharing. Amenities in St. Maarten condos are varied and include amenities such as equipped kitchens (refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers, electric stove top and or gas stove, blender, dinnerware, glasses) baths, beds, balcony/patio or deck, satellite TV, internet access, and air condition.

St. Maarten condos are a vacation favorites whenever visiting the island. Condos provide a sense of privacy, which is different from being just one door away from a neighbor as would be in the case of a hotel. St. Maarten condos allow for intimacy, own space and creating the real feel of being at home away from home.