St. Maarten Houses

Living in St. Maarten has been a pleasurable experience for many of the people who moved to the island for business or personal reasons. After one or two visits, many of the inhabits who come from foreign countries and now comprise the local populace of St. Maarten would have for one reason or the other, fallen in love with St. Maarten and decided to make the island their home. St. Maarten is a friendly and welcoming island that truly depicts what a paradise should be like.

Before making a foreign land your home, there would be characteristics or features that would have attracted you. In St. Maarten, one of the best things of the island is being able to own a St. Maarten home, even if the house in St. Maarten serves as a vacation getaway from one’s usual country of domicile or to settle in St. Maarten for good.

A home away from home is what St. Maarten houses offer, providing a variety of architectural designs, finishing’s, furniture and amenities that could make the ownership of a dream St. Maarten house actually become reality. Many times, one would think that owning a dream house or home in St. Maarten with all the amenities and comfort necessary is a farfetched idea. But instead, St. Maarten house ownership is not a difficult task, once the relevant requirements are met and the financial means are available for paying for the house in St. Maarten.

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Architectural designs range from creole to Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, European and classical. Pools are becoming regular features of St. Maarten houses, so even that too is a huge possibility, capable of fitting in nicely with your St. Maarten home dreams. Whether secured with richly vanished wooden or sparkly clean glass doors and windows, constructed with laminated glass, aluminum, asphalt, pantiles, precast concrete roofing, it is almost certain that every single effect that you wish to create for your St. Maarten house can be accomplished.

Condominium, villa or country style St. Maarten houses are among the type of housing that can be found in St. Maarten. Neighborhoods are generally friendly, while there are gated communities which provide guard security 24/7. A St. Maarten house can be bought in a gated community, or near the beach for direct access to the beautiful shores of St. Maarten. St. Maarten houses on hills often provide spectacular views of bays, beaches, mariners and other interesting sites of St. Marten. Houses are priced varyingly and though these prices may have wide gaps in terms of cost, as for example, a St. Maarten house may cost a USD350,000 depending on its facilities whereas other houses in St. Maarten, such as upscale luxurious villas, may cost to as much as USD3 million. The sale and procedures for leasing and renting out St. Maarten are governed by Dutch law and regulations established for the St. Maarten housing market must be followed.

When it comes to home ownership, vacation rentals and ideal island escapes, St. Maarten is the place.