St. Maarten Villas

St. Maarten is the name given to the Dutch side of the island known as St. Maarten/St. Martin, making the island the smallest territory to be shared by two nations. The immigration of expatriates from Europe, the United States and other Caribbean islands has made St. Maarten a true society of mixed cultures.

After many years of producing salt, investment in tourism led to many advances economically and socially, and directly impacted the development of the real estate sector; a major part of which has involved the construction of luxury and vacation homes, including resorts, casinos and hotels. St. Maarten villas have been a highlight of this history, as St. Maarten villas are identified with the level of development that the island has undergone for the past decades.

Villas in St. Maarten line the long stretches of white sand beaches that cover the island’s coast. St. Maarten villas feature a variety of styles and architectural designs that are innovative, creating an ambience that is attractive to anyone who wishes one day to own a Caribbean or vacation home. St. Maarten villas make it possible to own a piece of paradise, at least temporarily on rent or lease.

A St. Maarten villa can be bought if put on sale by the owner or a real estate agent. Prices for St. Maarten villas on sale may range from a few hundred thousand dollars to over a million depending on the features and amenities of the villa. Contrarily, if only spending a few days or weeks in St. Maarten, a villa in St. Maarten can be rented at an affordable rate. Owners generally prefer set rates per week, and it is customary for St. Maarten villa rentals to offer specials if spending extended lengths of time at the villa, for example, three weeks or more, whereby guests are given a night free or free accommodation for children below a certain age. Business persons who visit St. Maarten regularly or several times throughout the year, or wish to secure accommodation for a certain period of time to avoid the hassle of finding a new St. Maarten villa at which to stay while on island, may opt to lease a villa in St. Maarten. Lease agreements are signed and are prepared according to the legal provisions for lease agreements and contracts for short to medium term and long term lease arrangements for St. Maarten villas, apartments, offices, houses and other properties. Similar to the lease agreement for a St. Maarten villa, timesharing allows a certain number of people the right to access the villa for different times during the year for a certain period of time. The main difference between the lease for a villa in St. Maarten and timesharing is that the lease is usually between the owner(s) of the St. Maarten villa and the intended tenant, whereas the timesharing is agreed upon by the owner or real estate agent with several people or families.

Given the sophistication of St. Maarten’s villa market, competition is very vigorous, with some local real estate agents and owners extending their services to other nearby islands like St. Barths and Anguilla where major real estate projects are being undertaken by companies and developers.