St. Martin Apartments

When it come vacation rentals, the island of St. Martin sure has a lot to offer. There are St. Martin apartments to cater to the taste of everyone who visits the island be it individually, as a group, family or couple.

Rates for St. Martin apartments are very competitive and may be as low as $55 nightly depending on size, since many St. Martin apartments come in the form of single bedroom studios for individuals and couples. The rates for St. Martin apartments are affected by seasons. St. Martin apartment rates are lowest during the months of May and November when tourist arrival are lowest (low season), December to April (high season) and December to January (Christmas holiday).

Regular one bedroom St. Martin apartments that sleep two guests, could range from $1,500 (low season), $2,400 (high season) to $2,900 (Christmas holidays) weekly, whilst two bedroom apartments sleeping two to four guests could range from $2,000 (low season), $2,900 (peak season) to $3,600 (Christmas holidays) weekly. Other competitive St. Martin apartment rates for single bedroom condos could start as low as $650 -$950, rising to $900 – $1300 and $1400- $1500 as the seasons progress. Some St. Martin apartments sleeping three to four guests could be as low as $1200 – 1350 during peak season and Christmas.

In most instances, these rates for St. Martin apartments include government tax, weekly maid services and are fixed on a weekly (three, five to seven night) basis. Whereas some St. Martin apartment owners require a 30% down payment of the total others ask for a 50% down payment, but generally, balances are expected to be paid the on the same day of arrival. All rates for St. Martin apartments are quoted in US dollars.

Generally, amenities in St. Martin apartments include fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette (with toaster, microwave, electoral stove top and or gas stove, dishes, pots and pans, coffee maker, glass ware, cutlery), refrigerator (sometimes separate freezer), beds (twin beds, queen or king size), night light, toilet, shower and face basin (with hot water) and balcony. Some St. Martin apartments are private and therefore come with private pool, whereas other St. Martin apartments are within complexes and have communal pools. All St. Martin apartments within a complex would contain their own private in-door dining and sitting room, and for added comfort tend to include an outside dining and patio area for breakfast, snack and recreation. WiFI internet access is available at most St. Martin apartments whilst satellite TV providing US and French programmes are a common feature. For additional comfort, apartments in St. Martin (at least in bedrooms) are equipped with air-conditioning systems, including, mezzanine which is a typical feature and style found in many St. Martin apartments.

St. Martin apartments may come in different forms, such as studios units, condos, creole style town houses and bungalow units. Although apartments in St. Martin may be located within some of the villages, a large number of apartments for vacation rental are available on the beachfront, or at least fifty to one hundred yards away from the beach. Some popular areas where top class St. Martin apartments can be found include Orient Bay (Mount Vernon, Kakao Beach, Orient Village), Terres Basses, Oyster Pond/Coralita Bay, Grand Case and Anse Marcel. Most vacation rentals in St. Martin are concentrated in the Orient Bay, Grand Case and Oyster Pond regions.