St. Martin Houses

St. Martin has some of the best houses in the Caribbean, along with other islands such as Anguilla, St. Kitts, St. Barths and Barbados. St. Martin stands out because of its ownership in part (half/half) by two European powers, France and The Netherlands, which has encouraged the growth of a relatively large cosmopolitan population on the island. St. Martin houses are available throughout the year and enhance the level of comfort and fun that visitors to the island have.

The rates for St. Martin houses are generally fixed throughout the year, but are quoted as more or less depending on the time of year. As a result, during peak season when most tourist arrival is high, St. Martin house prices are higher, whereas during the low season, prices drop and are more affordable. St. Martin house rates are quoted on a weekly stay basis, or two or three weeks depending on the terms set by the owner. Specials are however always available if, for example, guests stay for three weeks or for any amount of time given by the owner. Generally, St. Martin house prices already include taxes that are payable to the French government, and a security deposit is normally required. The security deposit for a St. Martin house may range from US$300 and above, according to the total required to be paid for accommodation. But whilst there are houses in St. Martin that may be as low as US$400, other high end houses may cost as much as US$10,000 daily or weekly. Rates increase in accordance with the number of bedrooms that a St. Martin house has as well, with a one bedroom suite at the luxurious. Deposits for St. Martin houses are required for in case of loss or damage to property, but are refundable provided that no damage was done to the house by the tenant(s) during their stay.

St. Martin houses are available as multi story buildings or single units. Some houses are single and private, and therefore are very intimate. On the other hand, St. Martin houses that are in complexes usually have communal facilities such as parking space, pools, kids’ play ground, tennis court or recreational area.

Areas such as Orient Bay, Orient Village, Terres Basses, Grand Case (Pavillon Beach), Oyster Pond and Baie Rouge are well known for real estate development in St. Martin St. Martin houses in these areas promise comfort and tranquility during a vacation the island. Stores, boutiques and other commercial areas are usually within these areas, making it unnecessary to have to travel to the main town area to shop or to obtain simple items.

St. Martin houses can be acquired by purchase and can be obtained as a vacation rental on lease, rent or timeshare. St. Martin houses are well equipped, with some houses containing in-room safe, cd player, telephone, free internet access, furniture, fully equipped kitchen, sun deck/patio or balcony, en suite bathrooms with shower, beds, dining space, air condition, pool and satellite TV. St. Martin houses such as the Princess houses are just a few steps away from the shoreline and provide direct and constant access to the beautiful white sand beach.

St. Martin houses are always an excellent choice whenever looking for somewhere to stay in St. Martin during vacation. St. Martin houses provide the warm feeling and comfort of being in a second home. Houses in St. Martin are built and designed with the needs and possible tastes of guests in mind, ensuring that once chose, St. Martin houses are able to live up to expectations.