St. Martin Land

In spite of the major real estate developments taking place in St. Martin, the island still has a relatively large amount of land that is still available for acquisition. It is however, a challenge to obtain the perfect lot or portion of land of choice since St. Martin land is in high demand and can be quickly bought out once sale has been announced.

Many people look to invest in St. Martin land because of the island’s wonderful weather, friendly people, cosmopolitan society, multilingual background, stable political climate and economic development. These factors make St. Martin land wise investment, and St. Martin a great place for retiring, vacation and living particularly if wishing to do this on a tropical isle with which you can become quickly acclimatized because in terms of culture and legal framework, St. Martin’s system is based on that of the French. This means that legal procedures for purchasing, renting and leasing St. Martin land are the same as in France, and furthermore, are available in both French and English, facilitating any St. Martin land deal if coming from any French speaking country, as well as the United States or another country where English is spoken.

Although there are hills in St. Martin, land is generally very flat, making ‘mountains’ in comparison to those in other countries seem like ‘hills’ because of their relatively low heights. This makes it possible to construct a house or undertake any other real estate project on St. Martin land overlooking a bay, a beach or community if situated on a hill, or on the beachfront or within a friendly community if the project is situated on flat St. Martin land. This type of conditions for land in St. Martin has made it quite easy to be able to undertake almost any type of real estate investment in St. Martin. Land has therefore never been a problem and has not posed any major problems such as on other mountainous countries that are prone to major land slides. In spite of the flatness of St. Martin, with proper drainage, the possibility of major floods can be reduced in the event of the passage of a hurricane of other tropical weather system.

Depending on the location, features and amenities of St. Martin land. As such, St. Martin land that has already been provided with public utilities such as water and electricity may worth more than a property where they are not yet installed. In some instances, half acre (about 19, 116 square feet) St. Martin land/properties may cost about USD 185,000 to USD 220, whiles in some areas, one acre lots may start at USD 300,000. If considering purchasing St. Martin land, it is always wise to establish direct contact with the buyer if possible to avoid the additional expense that is incurred by an intermediary. Real estate agents apply their mark to land St. Martin, which results in higher land prices.

Investing in St. Martin land has been the dream of many; a dream that awaits you on the island of St. Martin.