St. Martin Villas

St. Martin is one of the many Caribbean islands of the West Indies, which was first officially sighted by Chrsitopher Columbus during his second voyage to the New World. In addition to the many benefits that work in St. Martin’s favor, to include all year warm, bright tropical weather and white sand beaches, St. Martin has a robust economy and a booming real estate sector.

One of the highlights of St. Martin real estate market, is its villas, which are boasted to be among the most exotic internationally. Attracting, nationals from all nations throughout the world, St. Martin has established a sound foundation on which the treal estate industry has been able to produce high-end, quality St. Martin villas for homes and vacation retreats on the island. Being known as the smallest territory to be shared among two sovereign powers, St. Martin villas offer a variety of architectural designs, styles and features, which are influenced from a combination of English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Caribbean backgrounds.

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St. Martin villas have been a lucrative business, and were enhanced by the upkeep and continuous development of the International Airport, the Princess Juliana International Airport, as well as the construction of advanced port facilities to accommodate several cruise ships and cargo boats at a time. This is compounded by the friendly tax environment that exists in terms of exemption and breaks for the importation and exportation of goods in and out of St. Martin. This facilitates the development of St. Martin villa residential projects, including private homes, St. Martin villas hotels and resorts that provide visitors with first class hospitality and service.

St. Martin villas are priced varyingly, and are determined by the features and amenities that St. Martin villas may have. Therefore, a St. Martin villa that is on sale and has no furnishings may be less costly that a St. Martin villa that is recently built and fully furnished. St. Martin beach villas are popularly chosen as vacation rentals and may be rented out at competitive costs. During the summer, St. Martin villas rental and lease prices generally tend to drop since less visitors come to the island during that time of the year, whilst St. Martin villas vacation rental prices would increase during the Christmas and winter months.

The typical amenities of a villa in St. Martin villa would include an equipped kitchen, pool (communal or private depending on type residential property), bedrooms, bath, balcony, patio or deck, furniture, dining and sitting room. Some villas in St. Martin are enclosed within gated neighborhoods, or may be located on the beach, on a hillside or overlooking the ocean or a waterfront. Views surrounding St. Martin villas can be quite spectacular, especially if consisting of brilliantly sparkling glow of St. Martin casinos at night or golden glow of the rising sun in the morning. Depending on location, a St. Martin villas may provide awesome views of nearby islands such as St. Barths, which too offer a large variety of vacation villas and rentals to choose from.